Subject of Copyright and request for the removal of Copyrighted material abides by all the copyright rights of individuals, and we strongly recommend our users to comply with the copyright law as well as obey the copyright and our privacy policy. does not support any activities that can cause the infringement of individual’s copyright rights, on its platform and promptly suspends any type of copyrighted content from being converted or downloaded using its platform as soon as it has been identified. services constantly keep on checking to reduce the possibility of copyright infringement activities on its platform and for this we arduously keep searching for such content and block the illicit conversion of commercial copyright content.

Before making use of any material, users are strictly advised to check and obey all the rights associated with the material. In case of any activity which is subject to copyright infringement, the concerned users will be responsible for the repercussions from the alleged copyright infringement.

If you are the creator or owner of a copyright content that is located on platform and which is subject to copyright infringement and you want us to block the conversion of your publicly applicable material, please send a request to us giving us information about such content, you can send us email after furnishing certain information that is mentioned below. After receiving your request, we will take prompt actions to block and remove such content.

Email: [email protected]

  • With the email or in the copyright notice, that you can use to request a removal request for a content, you have to provide the URL or link of the content that you want us to block or remove. In case there are more than one such content, please include the links for all these contents. Remember to include each link in a separate line.
  • Kindly provide an evidence for the ownership of the content that have infringed copyright law in either electronic or physical form.
  • Provide specific descriptions of the activities that are subject to copyright infringement.
  • Please provide your proper contact information that is sufficient to contact you when required. Provide contact information such as phone number, a valid email address, correspondence address, etc.